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I proudly carry Glymed Plus Pharmaceutical Grade Products.  I have used Glymed Plus in my treatment room for over 15 years.  I have see incredible changes to my client's skin and they love it.  This results oriented line is exceptional. 

GlyMed’s skin care formulations are methodically developed and tested with the purest ingredients from nature - with natural botanicals, vitamins, extracts and embracing cutting-edge-scientific-technology. Christine Heathman, founder, works closely with biochemists, guiding them through her process of formulation until each formula meets GlyMed’s highest standards of quality. Christine’s master formulator skills focus on retaining your skin’s natural attributes, so client’s skin retains a younger look and feel. Many of Christine’s long-time clients have retained their skin health years after Christine first began treating them with her advanced techniques and GlyMed Plus products.

GlyMed Plus Professional Skin Care formulas are devoid of harmful, harsh, and imitation ingredients, chemicals, and animal by-products. GlyMed is a certified “free from animal testing” product line by PETA, and is committed to effective, and humane, skin care. Christine’s unwavering demand for the highest level of quality assurance has long demonstrated hers and GlyMed’s integrity in effective formulations.

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